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Women’s Rights Collection founding documents and photo, 1943

Photos by Kevin Grady/Radcliffe Institute

Photos by Kevin Grady/Radcliffe Institute

65B_womens-archives_DSC4772_web_4x3_photo by Kevin Grady_Radcliffe Institute_courtesy of Schlesinger Library.jpg

In 1943, Maud Wood Park ’98 and Radcliffe College agreed upon the terms of her gift from which the Schlesinger Library would grow. On August 26, with Park looking on, students pulled the wagon from which she and her suffrage sisters had once sold the Woman’s Journal into the Yard to mark the arrival of the Woman’s Rights Collection (WRC) at Radcliffe. The first description of the WRC included the hope that researchers would use it “with profit and inspiration.” They have, and they will continue to do so.

Woman’s Rights Collection

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